Thursday, 24 July 2014


Throw back Thursday --March -2012! It was after this trip I realized that I am not really healthy.
 Ironically, I am sitting around the same weight today, but I don't think I look this broad :)

Or maybe I do? You decide!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Hawaii Diaries (Series)

Hawaii Diaries - (Good bye Hawaii) & Wordless Wednesday

The last day in Hawaii was so sad :(. Had to check-out by 12 noon. Hubs had booked a boat ride which I ' wasted' and chose to roamm the streets of waikiki.
But, little after lunch at 'The Cheesecake Factory' we were pretty tired of the road. So we went for a movie at the Ala Moana. The movie was Frozen, and this one will always be close to my heart!

Nothing more to pen, so sit back --relax and enjoy the pictures.
Oh, one last thing! I was really very sad saying 'bye' to Oahu. Once, I boarded the plane for S.F, I slept.I SLEPT. Till we landed there. No food, no soda, no bathroom.
I hope Hawaii will call me again (but not in 14 years please!!!)

That watch shows the time, and it says 'Honolulu' lol in case you couldn't make out.

I had no clue that SAKS 5thAve. is taking it's place. SO GLAD I have this pic!

Our hotel in the back-drop;) and doing the famous Shaka sign

Outrigger Queen ;)


Diamond head, the beach!

Sad sad me!!!! ABC store in the back drop. 
I am still trying to let Hawaii go ;)

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Did you unfriend me?

 Social Media -- Twitter, FB, Instagram, Blogger has become an avid form of entertainment for most of us. It's obvious we like some and dislike some. Similarly, SOME may  like ME and some may NOT.

It is sort of hard to analyse that why would someone not like me? Or, like me for that matter?

 Maybe I come across as a stupid person. Maybe I am the girl who said she will lose weight in 10 months and failed. Who knows?

I do feel bad for about 10 minutes when someone I like does this. 

Can you relate to me or not? If I still have your attention let me, elaborate. 

I was always tweeting in 2012. Blogging came only in the end of the year! I followed many people. One famous ' tweeter'  started following me. He/she was like you and I. No star, no hero, no writer. 
But, the posts were rather gifted-- creative, extremely British-like English etc.
I was of course a simple girl lady with simple tweets. (most tweets directed to the stars..haha)

So, one day this person unfollowed me. 
I didn't even know this person as such-- so I really didn't care. But, I knew he/she thought that 'I am not upto his/her standards'

So, yes I sort of felt bad for a nanosecond and moved on.
But, the fact that I still remember this means, I didn't like feeling rejected.
(I am being honest!)

Similarly, I recently realized that one of my favourite bloggers is now not following me back..on social media.
Again, it does not rip my life apart, but it does make me feel as if I am not upto her/his standards!
Again, it sort of is unpleasant to be rejected, but  no one should ever have the power to make you feel that way!

YES I also unfollow people *guilty*-- and I guess this is Karma--internet Karma LOL? 

Which brings me to this--

... at the end of the day, it's wrong to think that maybe we did not match up to someone's standard...
...because we all are unique.

Whether someone unfriends me or I unfriend someone..we all are special and that's about it.

I did a post on this, as I wanted to see how you all felt about this topic!
Because, it's actually impossible to be liked by all.
In real life or virtual life!

Would love to know your thoughts!

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

33 on 16

Airing My Dirty Laundry

I am linking up for Hey, It's ok Tuesday' after one year!

...15 days into Ramzans and how many workouts?--none!

...You know what ? I swapped Tod shoes for (birthday gift)-- A treadmill with an incline.
Yes--call me crazy or what but I wanted the treadmill instead of THE shoes. 
Guess, I am not your average girl!!!

...That,  its my birthday tomorrow and I really want it to go in a flash. I mean, birthdays are so overrated? Now, that I even know that I am getting a treadmill--what's more to it?

What are your thoughts? Shoes or Treadmill? LOL


Last year, I wrote this and I wanted to take a minute to thank God !

I remember I was very excited on my 16th birthday.."Mom, I am turning 16 on 16'
Now, that was when I COULDN'T KEEP CALM.
now, the husband will have to take me to Dubai or Honolulu to see me in my 'non-calm just turned 16 look'

Amen to that!

(Last week, I was n unable to write about Hawaii--but will do soon)

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014


This morning woke up to several texts, saying, that a friends mother passed away, in the morning.
It just was extremely shocking. I rushed to her place, and even though we are not very close she hugged me and cried..a lot.

Today, this happened with her and it  causes me great remorse and pain to even imagine if this would happen to me.

At times like this, I realize how useless it is to really wonder, if I am not the favorite  bahu (daughter in law) of my MIL or similar situations.

I just want that my family is happy, and as long as I am happy with my my three men and my entire family is healthy,  who cares if I suck as a bahu?

Life is actually short, and I need to start living it by the book, happily and thanking God everyday!

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Monday, 7 July 2014


I am feeling very alone today. Kids went to school after 6 weeks, husband in Europe for work and me (sleeping late/sleeping in/ cleaning drawers..)
Of course my in laws are here, but with fasts going noone is really in the mood to give me company ;)
( I was not well for the last few days, and will fast again soon)

The Drop Box at Delhi's science museum. We all got quite a laugh from it ;)

Talking about kids, I moved them to a school which is famous but well I really dislike it. Although, two months is not enough to completely gauge things but here are few points -

1. Essays are written on the board to copy. And, they are given two or three topics to prepare  for exams. Example- My best friend, My mother etc. 
So, now your child will get accustomed to 'mugging' essays.
In our last school, we had to make them practise essays, and anything could come. Also, the kids had to make sentences on their own.

2. There are about 40 students in one class. 

3. It looks very untidy and I just don't like it at all.

My husband wanted to send them to the other school, here. I was not interested as it was a day boarding (7am to 4.30pm) I think I made a mistake. The strength there is 20 students per class, and they are all application based teachers.

No spoon feeding, no copying essays from the board.

I am sorry Amy, you were right. It was better to make our kids study where they are swimming and doing gymnastics and the teachers are aware of them. :(
(Here is a post I wrote about this school)

I have no idea about the schooling system out of India. What is it like? Are you allowed to use calculators? What are the timings like?

Stay tuned for my Hawaii Diaries (the final one) this week!

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