Thursday, 30 January 2014

Random Thursday: Worst Travel Experience

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In January 2013 the hubs and I decided to take a vacation *alone*(minus the boys) after 2 years. It was Venice and Miami. Me being me I was skeptical about BOTH places.
Anyhow, Venice was superb. We were there for three days, and the hubs got wet in the rain and caught flu. 

It was still drizzling and I was certainly wearing more clothes.

Anyways. so the entire flight to Miami the hubs was sneezing and we really thought that it will be ok soon. 
But it did not.  After two days of  trying to shop and next day going to Key West, he got really really ill.
He had work that day, and when he got back he was burning in fever. I went to wallgreens to buy meds and thermometer. It was 104. :(
(Here is a post I wrote from there itself)

It was really very very hard to see him so ill. I was also sad that the vacation was ruined because of me. I wish I had cancelled KW and if  he had rested that day the fever would have not been so bad.
He was so sick. We came out to eat and buy some stuff for our boys!

So, that is why I no practically nothing about Miami. What I do know is that the Wallgreens  there sold krispy kreeme doughnuts, and none in Vegas or S.F did.

What has your worst travel experience been?

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  1. We go to Disney World every year and I think it was 3 or 4 years ago now, I had the sniffles before I left and while I was down there, it festered into a raging ear & and sinus infection. When you go to Disney, you don't rent a car because they have complimentary transportation to & from the airport and around the property, but I NEEDED a doctor and had no way to get to one. There was a clinic in Orlando near the Disney property that came, picked me up, took care of me and brought me back. It took HOURS and was scary having to go with these strangers all by myself (hubby had to stay with the kids), but it ended well & I got the medicine I needed.

  2. Being sick while traveling really sucks. I've been there a few times, but never as bad as your hubby.

    I've traveled a lot, but thankfully I haven't had any terrible experiences. The worst for me would be last year when I waited in the immigration line at Chicago airport for 3 hours and consequently missed my flight. Flying Aeroflot to Russia wasn't a great experience either, but thankful no really horrible experiences :)

  3. Oh no, your poor hubby! I was sick on a vacation too so I know how he must have felt! :(
    I love Venice so much! :)
    Thanks for linking up, sweetie! You rock!

  4. Being sick while traveling sucks! Your poor hubby!!! Maybe another time you can have a couples' vacation and it will turn out much better. :)

  5. Awww, he doesn't look so good! I don't have any bad travel experiences, thankfully. Well, my youngest was a little terror on the last 2 days of our Disney trip last year. I couldn't wait to come home to get away from her for a bit lol.

  6. Oh no! It's not your fault he got sick...planes are like big petrie dishes.

  7. It's bad when such things happen while you're travelling. Thankfully, I haven't had any bad experiences yet. And don not blame yourself. Things just happen. :)

  8. Ona flight back from AZ to home, at the stop in New York my flight (and everyone else's) got canceled. I was stranded with my two very young children. We tried to reschedule a flight out and they said it would be days. So, we tried to rent a car with some other travelers but no one would rent a one way to any of us. The airport kicked us out into the dark and told us we had to walk to the night desks (it was midnight) by walking around on the highway that circles the airport dragging our stuff with us, not much light (it was very scary, especially with the kids), then at the night desk I kept trying to find some place we could fly into closer to home. We finally settled on Manchester, NH and they required a passport, so I got into an argument with them that NOT LEAVING the US, I did not need a passport and they just didn't get it. (MY guess is they messed up and were looking at UK flights, the idiots) and then I had to try to find a hotel room at 2AM (all this had started at 8PM) for me and my two sobbing children. I was sobbing at that point too and scared. I didn't know what we were going to do. Finally found a cab and had to pay $300 for a hotel room with a blackened tub full of mold, cigarette smoke and a barely latching door. I called my husband and told him there was no way I was getting on a plane, he needed to drive down and get us. The airline NEVER apologized or anything. No resolution, and just really mean over it. Delta, for the record, and I will NEVER fly them again.

  9. I travel a lot and I've gotten randomly sick a few times but nothing really bad. The worst part of travel for me is actually going to the place I'm going...18 hour flights, loss of personal space...but once I get there it's ok.

  10. yikes.. that does not sound good.
    while we have thank god had no vacation that was an utter disaster we have had hiccups. we went to canada and forgot all our chargers.. so we had to spend a day finding various chargers for our phones, camera etc.
    When trying to get from Barcelona to Madrid we accidentally booked our flights not from what we thought was a neighborhood in Barcelona but another city 3 hours away!


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