Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Ten Things Tuesday

Linking up with Alyssa,for ten-things Tuesday! :)

1. Hi y'all. I have been missing you all and guess you all have been missing me too. I have been extremely busy. Home. Kids. Home.

2. My kids have final exams first week of March and I have a lot of teaching to do. And, at times I just dont think 24 hours are enough for a day.

3. It is still 'cold' here. By this time every year we pack away the heater and the woollies. Well, I still am needing both those things.

4. It was after good seven years that the Hubs and I were together on V day. (He is always Germany for work in February)
So, we decided to celebrate. No gifts. No parties. We slept early and enjoyed by sleeping late.

5.He did get mini milkas for me. And, life has been a notch harder after that. ;(

6. Which brings to me why I did not step on the scales last week. In fact I don't want to tomorrow as well. But, if I won't then I will just gain more weight. So, please tell me to weigh-in.

7. I am very excited about my Hawaii Diaries' blogging, and a fresh post will be ready soon. :)
8. I have a party, lunch party at home in March and I have been experimenting with lots of  food items off late. I tried Malai Koftas today.(I gave it to my boys--portion controlled)
I know March 19th is far, but time just flies!

9. My twins-- one of them is skinny and other one is a little overweight. (3'10 and 28 kilos) (3'9 and 22 kilos) respectively. So, I have been trying really hard to make them eat at specific times and in portion control. It's their growing age, so I just cannot deplete fats from their diet.

10. I am also a bit nervous about my party. I have a very small drawing-room. I am borrowing my SIL's drawing-room for lunch, and will keep mine for seating. As, we do not have a big enough dinning table set, I am opting for a buffet. Any tips, will help :)
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  1. Hi, Z!
    2. I NEVER feel like they are enough hours in a day!
    5. That was sweet of him!
    Your twins are adorable.
    I'm so glad you linked up!

  2. I have midterms coming up for my students as well. It's a lot of work this time of year. Hang in there with the food. It's such a hard thing to control. My kids eat non stop sometimes. They are both skinny. In fact we have problems with their pants staying up. Even with the adjustable waist, they still loose their drawers.

  3. Oh your kids are fine ! Spare them the "D"iet word! Lovely and thoughtful V gift! I remember the "exams" fever that there is this time of the year in Indian schools :) All the best to your twins!

  4. Good luck w/your party!
    We don't do Valentine's Day much at all here, though we do give the kids little chocolate hearts. :)

  5. I hope you will have a fantastic party! And yes, I missed you!

  6. Oh that party sounds like fun, but I know you're probably in a frenzy to get it organized. A buffet is ALWAYS a good idea because it gets people moving up and around and mingling. Good luck and PHOTOS when it's over!!

  7. My kids are still too young for those kinds of exams, but it's gonna come up on me quick. That's awesome that you and your hubby were together for Valentine's Day!!

  8. That sounds like the perfect Valentine's to me! Glad hubs was home to enjoy it with you this year!

  9. I never feel like there are enough hours in the day either! Good luck with your party!

  10. That's so sweet that he got you chocolates. My hubby got me some flowers and a coffee maker. But I had to buy my own chocolate. :)

  11. Oh, you got German chocolate! Milka is very famous here :) That is so sweet.
    You sound very busy lately. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your party, since you're already planning so much I'm sure it'll be wonderful.
    I hope you can relax a little bit this weekend. Have a wonderful one!


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