Saturday, 1 March 2014

Hawaii Diaries 2

 Day #2 Honolulu (December-16th 2013)  began--really early. 5am, early. It was dark and I had no clue what to do. (Yeah when you cannot swim, surf that's what you feel) Anyhow, husband kept working (office stuff) and I spent most of my time ironing my hair. Blah!
At 10 am we went to the concierge and, learnt that we could do the 'pearl harbour tour' at 11am. We grabbed our tea from the cafe situated below outrigger. :)

So, we were to board a bus of  'Discover Hawaii' tours and I was pretty excited. As, I had not seen anything the last time I was here.

Our bus came and picked us up and we reached the Pearl Harbour soon. I got couple of pictures clicked and, then we were taken in a movie hall, where they show us a small movie about Pearl Harbour being bombed.
Then we took the ferry to the Arizona memorial.
If you are wondering why do we have our jackets,I''l tell you. The concierge told us to carry our 'passports'.

 Arizona memorial

We were, then taken from there in a bigger bus to USS Missouri Battleship. We saw the entire ship. I can assure it was a long time spent on the ship as I even managed to have an argument with the hubs right there. (Yeah)

 USS Missouri 

 USS Missouri 

These were certainly the highlights, but here is a detailed info about the tour.
We reached our hotel really tired. We browsed the international market. 
And, I bought some hair colour.  
On the honeymoon the hubs had coloured his hair. I didn't. So,I wanted to make up for it.(And, I did yay!!!)
I cannot remember what did we have for dinner. Really!!!
I did enjoy myself, but I think the 'tour' was a bit longer than needed.
(See, I have already started forgetting stuff)

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  1. My boys are I were just on the USS Massachusetts (I will post about it in the next week or two) and it looked very similar :)

  2. These are great pics! I'm glad you're writing so you won't forget more. Maybe writing will even jog your memory a bit. :) I think Honolulu would be so fun!

  3. I used to be a park ranger on the Arizona Memorial!

  4. I really need to go and visit! I've never been! Lovely pictures.

  5. I have never been there but I am glad you had a great time. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Lovely pictures! I just assembled my honeymoon photo album (seven years later... ahem). We spent our honeymoon on Kauai and we loved it. Hawaii really is paradise.

  7. looks great..
    Hawaii is on our list too..

  8. I want to take this tour if we ever get to Hawaii! Looks like a great way to fill the day!


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